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Maintenance Sub-company, established on May 2007, mainly undertakes the inspection, transformation and maintenance for Power Plant. The business contains: the inspection of boiler heated surface components and gas water system, the inspection of valve pump, the inspection of turbine and generator, the maintenance and inspection of first or second electrical equipment, and the maintenance ,check and inspection of thermal instruments.
         The sub-company has actively and conscientiously implemented “improve the quality continuously with all the efforts” on the purpose of providing the excellent quality services, enhanced scientific and orderly development ability of the company by action, and brought the honor to polish the brand for company.
         Project Achievements:
         The inspection and maintenance for Shidongkou No.1 and No.2 Power Plant; inspection for Shidongkou Gas Turbine Power Plant; the inspection and maintenance for Caojing Power Plant; #4 unit inspection for Waigaoqiao No.1 Power Plant; the inspection for Nanshan Power Plant; #12-#14 units overhaul for Zhonghai Hainan generation Power Co.Ltd.; unit equipment maintenance for Power Plant in Shanghai; the replacement project of oil pipes bottom plate for Zhabei Power Plant and so on. The Excellent quality service from the maintenance sub-company ia awarded the highly evaluation from owner.
    Address: Longchang Road, Yangpu District, No. 235,Shanghai City
     Phone: 021-65434771
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