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Enterprise Qualification

    Shanghai Electric Power Company installed the first part of Shanghai Electric Power Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 1953. The main construction of medium-sized thermal power, nuclear power, wind power, gas turbines and other units and substation construction, installation and commissioning works.Meanwhile the construction of various types of industrial equipment, industrial boilers, environmental, mechanical and electrical, plumbing, metallurgy,petrochemical, steel, subway, municipal projects such as construction and installation, technological innovation and non-standard production.

    Company has a "power engineering construction general contractor Class", "thermal power equipment installation contractor Class," "mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering contractor Class", "environmental engineering contractor Class," "pipeline engineering contractor Class "and other qualifications. Ministry of Commerce issued a "foreign business license" and the national electricity company issued a "power metal laboratory construction Grade A" Certificate.

    Since its establishment, the construction of large, 50 medium-sized thermal power project, installation of various generator sets up to 1200 the total installed capacity of more than one million kilowatts. Entering the new century, but also involved a foreign power construction in Vietnam, Equatorial Guinea and other countries the construction of a power station project.

    Company's technology and equipment is complete, strong technical force, with a wide range of technical standards implementation capacity of countries in the world, creating the world's first built a burning blast furnace gas 144,800 kilowatts combined cycle gas turbines, the introduction of China's first 30 million kilowatts thermal power units, China's first introduction of 35 thousands waya critical units, the introduction of China's first 60 kilowatts of supercritical units,China's first ultra-supercritical units 900,000 kilowatts of China's electric power construction industry, such as the ten first.

    Shanghai Electric Power Construction Company promoting "self-improvement and hard work, innovation and go beyond the" spirit of enterprise, for many years, access to high-quality project above the level of the Department of more than 40 awards, including Baosteel state-owned power plant project was awarded Silver Medal Award for Quality Engineering, Shidongkou power plant project was awarded China State Construction Engineering Luban, Shidongkou two power plant project was awarded the International Prize for the United States, Waigaoqiao Phase III won the National Quality Project Award.

    Actively promote the company's advanced technological achievements transformation and application of various technology and management for many years to complete more than 30 results, including the development and application of welding technology in the national counterparts in the leading position, won numerous national, municipal recognition of the Ministry of , welders, many times in national competition to obtain the first. The company also has won three "China's new corporate record certificate"; eleven (ten consecutive years) to obtain the title company, Shanghai meritorious good race and was "electric built hero" character named; once again awarded "Shanghai Model Unit" (2009 ~ 2010) the honorary title.

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